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How the job support works?

  • We see your project and technologies used, if we are 100% confident then we agree to support you.
  • We work on the Monthly basis or Halfmonth basis
  • 2 hour every day Monday to Friday (Indian time)
  • Usually we don’t work for weekends. But however if you buried under work with a project to be completed? No worries. We make exceptions and support you on weekends too.
  • he job support fees are not refundable, so please pay only when you are 100% sure that you need job support and are not able to do your project yourself properly.

Our Terms and Conditions

  • We do not work on behalf of you, we support you to solve your technical problem and guide you to the right direction.
  • Please do not expect us to do your 8 hours of job in 5 minutes. We do not do it and no one can do it.
  • Please understand that your project is completely new to us and it may take several minutes time to understand your project and help you to solve the problem.
  • Once we understand your project the subsequent problems are solved faster.
  • You should take a demo session with the Trainer/Consultant. If you feel comfortable with our trainer/consultant, then you have to make the payment to get the services from us.